The House

Let the Sun Shine

This is what our house looked like when we first saw it and fell in love with it.

JAX 036

The big problem was those lovely, large front windows and beautiful glass front door are all west-facing. That means that the brutal afternoon Florida sun came pouring into the house all afternoon, heating up those rooms. My office is the behind the window on the right in the photo, which means that I bake while trying to work in the afternoons. My office would be a good 10-degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

We tried using room-darkening shades on the front windows and a black paper shade on the back of the door. This is the paper shade after being on the window for a year…notice how the lower portion is not exposed to the sun and therefore is still black while the rest is completely bleached out from the hot sun. I like how it even shows the shadow from the lead in the glass.


So earlier this year, we had a company come out and give us estimates for awnings for the front windows. Below are some renderings they gave us of what it *could* look like.

Option One:

Miklas, Kristy - 1-rendering

Option Two:

Miklas, Kristy - 3A-rendering

Option Three:

Miklas, Kristy - 2-rendering

And then, after they sent all those, we threw a last minute curve ball and asked them about Bahama Shutters for the windows so they sent us this….

Miklas, Kristy # 4-rendering

What do you think that we picked? You’ll have to come back tomorrow and find out!


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