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The Rest of our Chicago Trip

Some other highlights from our week in Chicago….

Kelly and Avram went clubbing downtown Chicago with Bryanna and friends. It’s nice to see cousins bonding over dancing and drinking.

Game nights!

Bryanna and her boyfriend even came for dinner and a game on our last evening. So nice of them to make time for Aunt Kristy.

Visiting with friends – Scott and family. We even ate REAL Chicago pizza and didn’t even feel guilty. Now the cookie cake for dessert is a different story.

Watched a few movies.

Relaxed around the pool at mom’s complex.

And Carl even got regular work-outs in!

It was a great week in Chicago and we are so grateful for the time spent with family and friends. I am so grateful Carl had the whole week off and we made the trip up north. Thanks for all the hospitality, mom!

2 thoughts on “The Rest of our Chicago Trip”

  1. Any Time!!!!! It was wonderful having you here and a bonus with Kelly and Avram! It was a wonderful week and we were blessed with time with family, good weather, good food and good times. Except for my A/C breaking down and the boys and Lisa being out of town, it was a perfect week!!! Thank you for coming!! Love you!


    1. And thank you Carl for fixing my toilet and taking down my hook outside. Thank you Kristy for correcting the plug situation on my computer and talking me into de-cluttering old VHS tapes. You two are always there to help and I appreciate you.


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