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Chicago Trip

on July 10, 2017

At long last…a new blog post. In fact, I have a whole bunch coming all week. Last week, Carl had the whole week off of work. So we decided to take advantage of the days off to fly to Chicago to visit family and friends. And even better, was the fact that Kelly and her boyfriend drove over from MSP as well to be with us through the 4th of July holiday.

On Sunday, my Aunt Gale hosted a BBQ for my dad’s side of the family. 

My dad and his new roommate, Tony, came. It was nice to meet Tony and I’m glad my dad has someone that seems to actually enjoy living with him!

Two out of three of Gale’s sons were there.

Jeff, the oldest, and his girlfriend, Jill

Justin, the middle son; Jessica, his wife; their boys

It was great seeing everyone.

We are grateful to Gale for hosting and to Carl for manning the Grill. Family time is the best time!


6 responses to “Chicago Trip

  1. Aunt sandra says:

    Sad that I was not there

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mom says:

    It was a great time with family and meeting new friends. Thank you for hosting Gale, everything was delicious and a fun time was had by all!!


  3. Aunt Gale says:

    It was a perfect day, weather wise, and fun to be with family. Great to meet Tony and Avram.
    Yes thank you Carl and JT for helping me with the grilling.


  4. Sue Miklas says:

    Happy time for all…..love all those big smiles! Nothing like family, drink, food & loads of laughs!


  5. Les says:

    Fun fun!! Love the photos


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