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Zack’s Graduation Weekend

Thursday evening was Zack’s graduation ceremony but we still had the whole weekend with the grandparents to celebrate Zack. On Friday, my cousin, Kim, from Tampa drove over for the night and we all spent the whole, hot and sunny day floating around the pool together and enjoying some cool cocktails.

Pool (2)

Zack requested Jucy Lucy burgers (a Minneapolis masterpiece) and french fries for his celebratory dinner #1.

Jucy Lucy (1)

After dinner, I presented him with his stack of congratulatory cards that have been arriving for the past few weeks and he ended up with a nice pile of cash and checks thanks to his generous relatives and friends. He plans to buy himself a new computer and then spend the rest on Publix fried chicken.

Jucy Lucy (6)

Then we all went next door to our neighbor’s house for a grad party since their daughter, Mckenzie also graduated high school this week.

Grad Party (2)

Zack got a congratulatory hug from Mckenzie’s mom, Susan.

Grad Party (1)

The adults all got congratulatory cocktails from Susan.

Grad Party (3)

After visiting at the party for a while, we returned home to play some camp cards until Carl couldn’t take any more celebrating and we all went to bed.


On Saturday, we spent another day floating around the pool until Kim had to leave to return home and the rest of us went out for celebratory dinner #2 at Zack’s choice of Olive Garden.


That evening’s game was a complete round of dominoes for which I accumulated the massive amount of 495 points and sealed the position as worst domino score in my life.


On Sunday we had to say goodbye to my mom, Sandy. Carl’s parents are still here until tomorrow morning.

It was a really fun weekend with three out of four grandparents here to celebrate Zack. We are grateful that they all could come. It was a great time together!


4 thoughts on “Zack’s Graduation Weekend”

  1. It was a perfect weekend finishing off a wonderful week!! So proud of both of my grandchildren getting their diplomas, Kate for her Masters and Zack for High School. The weather was perfect in both D.C. and in Florida even though flight times were delayed in getting to Florida. (Thank you God for stopping the rain for my visit) I love when Zack laughs, he has such a great smile!! Thank you Kim for making the drive to come see us and as always it was great fun being with Sue and Karl, we always have fun together. I don’t think I won any of the games, but love playing them!
    Thank you Kristy and Carl for being such great host and hostess! (and you John and Laurie).
    Love you all and I am grateful for all of you!!!!

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  2. We were really happy we were able to make the trip by driving to Jacksonville. Karl did not fly to Colorado to attend our Granddaughters college graduation earlier this month since he did not want the hassle of the airports. We enjoyed celebrating with Zack & he was overjoyed that his high school days have come to an end! He looked great in his new suit…quite a handsome 18 yr old. He was quite excited with the monetary gifts he received & will undoubtedly put it to good use!! Had fun with Grandma Sandy…good being with her once again. Also enjoyed meeting cousin Kim. A weekend filled with hanging around in the pool, good food, good drink, lots of laughs & great hospitality! Kristy & Carl throw a great party!!! Might I just add, that I was victorious in a few of the games we managed to fit in. Just thought I would throw that in! Looking forward to the next get together at the Miklas Resort!


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