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Final Mom and Sis post…for this time!

A visit to Jacksonville wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach.



On Wednesday, we spent several hours at the beach relaxing.


Some of us live in Florida and have plenty of time ahead to soak in the sun so I opted to sit in the shade and read instead.


A visit to the Miklas family also wouldn’t be complete without plenty of game nights.

Games (1)

We taught Sis Camp cards and played Rummikub, Sequence and Dominoes as well.

Games (2)

We went to “Tuscan Tuesday” with some neighbors (at a local pizza/Italian restaurant). We enjoyed home-cooked dinners together the other nights, sharing some of our favorite low-carb meals with mom and Sis. Sis was such a sweet and thoughtful guest, always trying to help out where needed and she was a pleasure to spend time with all week. Mom is a good guest in other ways…always quick to open her wallet and provide lots of fun experiences and lunch/cocktails out. Thank you mom and Sis for a great visit. I had a great time and you are both welcome back any time.

2 thoughts on “Final Mom and Sis post…for this time!”

  1. Jax Beach is great, too bad the water was so cold although I did go in up to my waist. The other two didn’t even bring their suits, at least I tried. lol Game nights are always fun, I really enjoy them. “Tuscan Tuesday” which used to be “Taco Tuesday” was also fun and I met new people.
    It was a wonderful week with my cousin Sis and as Kristy mentioned she has a hard time sitting still and relaxing ( I do not) so I was glad to see her sit and try. Kristy and Carl are a wonderful host and hostess and anyone would be happy to be their guests. As Sue calls it, The Miklas Resort is something special and I look forward to going back in May!!!


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