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A Return to Paradise

…for Anthony that is!


If you recall, Anthony was blessed with an amazing opportunity to be a camp counselor at Camp Homelani on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii last summer. This week he was again offered a position with the camp for this coming summer. However, instead of being a camp counselor, Anthony will be the “Surfer Lead.” This position does not mean that he will be in charge of surfing but that he will be in charge of a cleaning/maintenance crew. It will give him more free time (that’s where the surfing will come into play) and a slightly larger stipend each week. Hooray for Anthony!


He will be finishing up his sophomore year of college in about a month and then heading to a friend’s house in Seattle, Washington for a week. From there, he will leave for Hawaii for the summer for more visiting with friends before camp begins. At the end of the summer he will return to Jacksonville to visit us before Anthony and I get to bond during our 3-day road trip back to Phoenix with his pickup truck. Good times!


We are very proud of Anthony and excited for his second summer in paradise.


Congratulations, Anthony!

(Photos “borrowed” from Anthony’s Instagram account from last summer.)



5 thoughts on “A Return to Paradise”

  1. Going back to his paradise, I know that he is more than happy. Anthony deserves all the wonderful things that are happening in his life, he has worked hard for them!! Congratulations!!!


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