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Spring Break

Anthony’s home for spring break!


That means that he is doing lots of surfing.


Since Sue and Karl weren’t able to come for their annual Christmas visit, they came for a week’s visit as well. With Karl’s recent broken leg, we convinced them to actually take an airplane instead of spending 12 hours driving in the car each way. Since they flew into Orlando, they only had to spend 2 hours in the car each way :).


We spent lots of time soaking in the Florida sunshine in the backyard.


We had a cold snap for two days and were able to enjoy a cozy fire one evening.

SueKarl (2)

We spent the evenings playing games together and watching a few movies.

SueKarl (1)

I did take Sue and Karl to the two 55+ Adult Communities (Dell Webb and Cascades at World Golf Village) in the hopes of convincing them to move to Florida. Although Sue and I found a house that we really liked at Cascades, it’s going to take some convincing to get Karl on board with a major move.  We’d love it if they were closer so that we could spend more time together and help them more as they need it, but it’s out of our hands. Time will tell what they decide!

We are grateful to have had Anthony, Sue and Karl with us for a while. Thanks for coming to JAX, family!


9 thoughts on “Spring Break”

  1. Looks like all had a great week spending time together and doing what they love best. It would wonderful if Sue and Karl lived in Florida, than I could see them when I visit you. I can’t wait for our visit in Florida, get the pool ready!


  2. Anthony looks like the poster child for surfing. Hope your stay with Sue and Karl is wonderful. I am sure it will be. I think it is a great idea for them to move to Dell Webb or that other place. Go for it Sue and Karl. You will love it. Happy Spring Break everyone.


  3. I agree don’t wait too long. Your friends will enjoy visiting you. You two will make tons of new friends and they will embrace you big time. You two are so social.

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  4. It was a well needed trip to the Miklas’ Retreat. It was so good spending time with Anthony & Zack, they are both wonderful young men that we are extremely proud of. Being with Carl & Kristy made us see how happy they are in Florida! Did find one home in the Cascades that I could picture us enjoying “the good Florida life” but could not get Karl overly excited about the move but minds have been changed…just have to work on it! Karl did love kibitzing with Anthony & getting back rubs from Zack…the weeks stay did him a world of good. Flying was an experience we have not done in awhile & I will have to say, we did enjoy the short flight. Although we did not like the fact Carl & Kristy had to drive 2 hrs back & forth from Orlando. Sure do miss bringing more “stuff” though. They were shocked to see the small amount of luggage we brought!!
    I know they thought… “see it can be done!”
    Thanks to Carl, Kristy, Anthony & Zack for making our “Christmas visit in March” memorable. You all are the best!

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