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Kelly Visits Memphis

Since the in-laws weren’t able to come for Christmas, the kids really missed spending time with their grandparents. So I was very impressed and proud of Kelly and Avram for deciding to go to Memphis for a long-weekend to visit with the grandparents and Aunt Leslie.


While in Memphis, they visited our first house together, the one were we lived when Kelly was born.


They did some thrift-store shopping at some of Grandma Sue’s favorite places.


They played games together.



And of course, there was lots of yummy food and some “adult beverages” for those that wanted them.


I’m so glad that my kids enjoy time with their grandparents and take time out of their busy schedules to visit and/or call them on occasion. I think we did something right to raise such thoughtful, caring children that value family-time together.


I’m glad that you all had a great visit!

4 thoughts on “Kelly Visits Memphis”

  1. And a good time was had by all. I also love that my grandchildren go out of there way to visit their grandparents. I have had a visit from Katie, Kelly and Anthony. Of course Bryanna comes to see me and I see the younger boys often. Zack it is your turn to visit!!! I will see you in April.
    It was a great for Kelly and Avram to visit Grandpa Karl as he is recuperating. Keep up the good work grandkids!!!!!


  2. Thanks Kristy for posting the photos! You knew I was a little busy here with the “patient” We did have a fun visit with Kelly & Avrom. We, along with Leslie, were very happy they spent time with us. We do plan on making the 2017 Christmas festivities in FL.


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