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Carl to the Rescue!

Carl made a very quick trip to Memphis this past weekend to help out his dad, who is still recovering from his broken femur. The good news is that airfare was only $150 round-trip. The bad news is he had to drive to Orlando to get that super fare but it was worth it to help out at his parent’s house.

The main project was to install a second hand railing going up the stairs. My father-in-law hasn’t been upstairs in about two months, since before his accident occurred, which means that he’s been sleeping on a bed in the family room and taking sponge baths. Good times!

Memphis (14).JPG

Now he can finally get upstairs! Yippee!

Carl also installed a hand-held shower sprayer so that when my FIL finally does get in the shower, he can sit on the little shower chair they borrowed from a friend and get his business done.


Carl also did a lot of cleaning up in the yard, including a ton of raking.


Now granted, he’s not actually raking in that photo but I guess he’s entitled to the occasional coffee break.

Before you feel too sorry for him for working so hard, there was plenty of goofing off.


And as expected, Sue made him fabulous meals every night.


He also spent time hanging out with his sister.


Carl is very grateful for the chance to go and help out where needed.


We are grateful that Karl is making such good progress in his recovery and we look forward to having Sue and Karl visit in March.

6 thoughts on “Carl to the Rescue!”

  1. Carl is a terrific son and son in law who is always there when needed. That is a lot of stairs to climb, I think it is time to move to a new location Sue and Karl. None of the kids want our stuff so might as well get rid of it now and downsize. Not to mention the size of your property which we hope Karl will not try to keep up anymore. Also impressed with all those cards Karl received, he must be loved. The game being played looks interesting, have I played that one? Great picture of Leslie and Carl, always nice to spend time with siblings. A working weekend filled with family memories, can’t beat that!!


  2. We are ever so grateful to Carl who spent most of the weekend getting this place “in shape” The railing is really great for Karl & I have found myself using it!!!! The addition to the shower is awesome & will be used each day I am sure. The yard looks great & it certainly was in need of some TLC. I tried to do some but it just did not come up to a “Karl standard” but then I was busy inside being at his beck & call!!! Carl did spend some down time also & had quality time with Leslie. The Doctor’s report today was really good. Karl can start using the stationary bike @ PT & all kinds of other exercises now that the brace has been freed up a lot. Thanks to Carl, he is sleeping upstairs once again & the bed he was using downstairs is back in a bedroom upstairs all set for Avram when he & Kelly visit this weekend. Thanks Carl….love you!


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