Praises, The Kids


I forgot to mention here that Zack got a new job after the new year.


After a full year at Chick-fil-A, he has moved on to Lowe’s Home Improvement Center. He is working every Monday through Friday from 4pm until 10pm each night unloading the delivery truck.


He is enjoying his hefty paychecks and not having to deal with the public. It’s good, hard manual labor at it’s finest!


As far as what comes next after his high school graduation in May, he has no idea...looks like he may be working at Lowe’s full-time until he makes a decision.

Congratulations on the new job, Zack!

4 thoughts on “zAcK”

  1. Lowe’s is fortunate having Zack working for them. He is a hard worker & of course the weekly paycheck is a definite incentive! He could easily work himself up to Manager one of these fine days! Go for it Zack…proud of you!


  2. Congratulations Zack!! I hope you are loving your new job along with making more money!! Save your money so you can take your grandma’s on a nice trip someday!!! Just kidding!! Just enjoy!!


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