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2017 Travel Plans

I don’t know what it is about the new year that makes me want to start making all my traveling plans. But I have spent that past few days dreaming of all the exciting things that we are going to do this year. Here’s a recap of what we have planned so far…


  • My birthday gift to myself was tickets to the Broadway play “Wicked,” which is coming to Orlando in two weeks. We are going to go down a day early to visit Universal Studios first. I booked a new Airbnb this time so hopefully it is better looking than the last one.
  • The following weekend we are driving to Atlanta for a high school reunion with Carl’s three good friends and their wives. Two of the guys already live in the Atlanta area and the other guy, Bobby, who we visited with in Memphis over Thanksgiving, is flying in on business. They four guys have had several previous reunion weekends (2001 in Minnesota and 2002 in Memphis) but it has been 15 years since the last one (mainly because Carl and I haven’t planned anything since then!).


  • Carl is going to take a weekend trip to visit his parents in Memphis due to his dad’s accident and recovery at home. Hopefully he will help them start to make preparations for a move to Jacksonville to be closer to us! 


  • A 5-night Royal Caribbean Cruise, thanks to the very generous Christmas bonus that I received from my favorite boss at PH&Companies. We will be leaving out of Tampa and stopping in Key West, FL and Cozumel, Mexico aboard the Brilliance of the Seas. Can’t wait!!


  • Carl will be flying to Minneapolis for a very quick weekend trip to videotape the first of our 3 dance recitals this year.


  • These plans are still in the works but we have our other Minneapolis dance recital and I am hoping to accompany Carl for a long weekend to visit Kelly and some of our friends and then we will fly over to Chicago for a few days as well to meet my new nephew being born this weekend and to meet Anthony’s birth-relatives.


  • We again plan to spend a week at my boss’s vacation rental in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.
  • Anthony and I will be driving his truck from Jacksonville to Arizona once again! After being without his truck all school year, he has decided that he wants it back next school year so that he can get a part-time job and resume his regular rock-climbing (which he has been sorely missing this year). Now that my Aunt Sandy is in Arizona year round, I will be able to stop and visit with her for a week once again! Do you hear that Aunt Sandy…I’m coming to see you later this year!

That’s what I know for this year so far but I am hoping that there will be some other weekend trips to various places throughout the year. It’s always fun to have things to look forward to and I’m most excited that we have another cruise scheduled for this year. Yippee!

4 thoughts on “2017 Travel Plans”

  1. Lucky you!! My only planned trips are to you in April and to Washington DC in May for Katie’s Master’s graduation! Happy to read you plan to come here in June to meet Max and visit with your Chicago relatives. Traveling is always fun, I wish I could do more.


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