The Family, The Kids

Kelly’s Visit

It was so nice to have Kelly home with us for 8 days over the Christmas holiday and we were very glad to have her boyfriend, Avram join us for most of that time as well. It was really great to spend time with both of them. Some other noteworthy things that we did included eating lots of yummy meals together, including “make-your-own pizza” night.


We enjoyed several bonfires while they were here.


We played many games together.


We even played a complete game of 12-dot dominoes. Carl and Anthony knew that it was very close between them. They began making bets with the loser having to jump in the pool or go surfing without a wetsuit being thrown out there. They waited anxiously as the scores were tallied up.


Ha! And then it was a dead-tie, which was amazing since Anthony won 6 rounds and Carl only won two…but Anthony had some high point rounds. Both of them were relieved to not be on the losing side of a bet.

We went to Mickler’s beach one afternoon and although it was warm and sunny at our house, it was cool (60s), windy and foggy/cloudy at the beach. That didn’t stop Avram from taking a dip in the ocean. Crazy Minnesotan…although it probably felt like the MN lakes in the dead of summer :).


For their last afternoon in JAX, we went to the beach again and it was a much better day.


It was warmer, much less windy and with bright, shining sun.


Perfect way to end their visit!

One evening, Kelly, Avram and Zack drove downtown to see the city at night and another day Kelly and Avram spent the day in St. Augustine. Kelly, Avram and Zack also had a good time thrift-store shopping and Kelly and Avram picked up a whole bag full of new clothes for super-cheap. Score! (No photos though of any of those events).


We loved our family time together and are so happy that Kelly and Avram came to spend time with us for Christmas. I dread the day when we can’t all be together at this time of year. We hope to see them in June…I am thinking of visiting MN this summer when Carl goes to shoot the second dance recital. Until then, we love you and miss you already, Kelly and Avram!



2 thoughts on “Kelly’s Visit”

  1. It is always wonderful to spend time with your children! Holidays are much different when you are not all together. As far as the dominoes game, I see that Kelly was the big winner with Carl and Anthony coming in last!! I think Carl would have gotten the worse if he lost to Anthony, I have seen pictures of Anthony jumping in your pool in the dead of “your” winter!!


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