Christmas Day 2016

I know that I have mentioned it every year for the past few years but Christmas morning without young children is so much more relaxed!


Carl and I were up, showered and dressed when the kids starting rolling out of bed around 10am and we started with our Omelets in a Bag like we did last year.


After a leisure breakfast, it was time to open presents. However, with the main gift in the form of money for all the youngsters, there were not a crazy amount of presents to open.


Carl and I received a new game from Avram…christmas-9

so with a beautiful Florida afternoon, we went on the patio to play. It was really fun and a new favorite…I actually remember playing this game with our relatives in California, when we visited them many years ago (Hi Linda!).


We also spent time watching Home Alone and just generally relaxing, talking with family members throughout the day, including with Grandpa Karl, Grandma Sue and Leslie at the rehab facility. Poor Grandpa Karl (although his recovery is going very well and he should be home this week).


Our dinner was the traditional family meal of Chicken Fricassee, with Carl and Kelly helping to make the noodles.


I was very pleased with my festive Christmas tablescape, inspired by Grandma Sue’s Thanksgiving table when we went to Tennessee.

You can see Karl and Sue’s nutcracker place holders that I made for them before Karl’s accident :(.


It was a lovely day spent with good food, family and fun. I wouldn’t want it any other way (except maybe to have more family with us)! I hope that you all had a very blessed day as well. Happy New Year!!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2016”

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life!! What is better than a relaxing Christmas morning and restful day, especially when you are in Florida with no snow? Thank goodness for technology and video phone calls so we can all share Christmas wishes together!!


  2. Another beautiful family time at Christmas in sunny warm Florida. Sure did miss all the fun but look forward to next year! Love….love the table centerpiece area…great job! So very festive! Looks like all the Miklas’ had Chicken Fricassee on Christmas! Our table at Rehab was not as festive but the Fricassee was great!


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