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Christmas Eve 2016

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like going to a football game on Christmas Eve…especially when it’s 80 degrees out!



Prior to the game, Carl provided us with lunch and we were able to eat in the Club level.


We stopped by to visit Zack working hard as always during home games.


Then we went to our seats and watched the game for the first quarter. But with the sun beating down on us and a general lack of interest in football by all, we decided to call it an afternoon and head back home. I know Carl was aggravated that we didn’t stay longer but Anthony was thrilled with a few hours to go surf, Kelly and Avram enjoyed laying by the pool (Avram even jumped into the pool once) and I watched Christmas movies. So it was a good afternoon for all. And it was a Christmas miracle but the Jaguars finally won another game! Hooray!

At 6pm, we all went to the Christmas Eve service held by our very own church this year.


Although instead of our regular church location, we met at the Ramada Inn, which was a pretty un-Christmasy setting, except for the beautiful tree in the lobby.


But we were just happy to all be together to hear a Christmas message by Pastor Aaron.


Afterwards, we went to our neighbor’s house for their annual open house (but I didn’t take any photos…boo!).


It was a lovely Christmas Eve being together as a family, although Sue and Karl were greatly missed by all.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2016”

  1. Great Christmas Eve!! Enjoying good times together and relaxing. I know Sue and Karl were missed, but they were there in spirit. (btw love your outfit Kristy)


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