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St. Augustine Alligator Farm

All of our children are home!

Kids (1).JPG

Anthony arrived last Wednesday evening and Kelly arrived this past Tuesday. We are so very happy to have them with us to celebrate Christmas.

On Thursday, Kelly and I decided to be tourists and visit the St. Augustine Alligator Farm (Carl was working and the boys declined to come…they missed out!).

This park features all known species of the world’s living crocodilians. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm is now the only facility in the world exhibiting living specimens of all 24 currently recognized species of crocodilian.


There was a funny crosswalk sign outside the Alligator Farm that made us laugh.


It was way more interesting than we thought it would be. We arrived just in time to see the Alligator feeding. There were about 35 gators crowded around the feeding stand, just waiting for a tasty morsel.


We saw baby alligators that were oh, so cute!


We saw the Albino Alligator.


We saw Albino babies (which do not come from Albino adults actually but are just an anomaly of nature).


We saw the wooden alligator carved from one piece of tree.


We saw birds, snakes, lemurs, turtles and other animals as well.


I think the baby alligators were our favorite, especially these babies sleeping on their mama.


The $24 admission ($22 with our AAA discount) is a little steep but it was interesting to see. It takes just over an hour to walk the whole park. There are some educational programs throughout the day as well but we didn’t watch any of them.gatorfarm-12Thanks for going with me Kelly. I enjoyed it!

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