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Christmas Lights

Last night, Carl, Kelly, Anthony and I decided to drive to see some Christmas Lights (Zack was hanging out with friends). First, we drove to the Morocco Shrine Auditorium property to see JAX Illuminations.

  • Drive Thru Holiday Light Display

    Jax Illuminations has created a wonderful opportunity for families to create a new holiday tradition. Enjoy the magic of driving through a mile of holiday lights that are perfectly synchronized to holiday music. Come see over half a MILLION brilliant LED lights that dance, twinkle and sparkle to some of your favorite holiday songs.


The $20 donation was a little steep and the drive was actually a little less than a mile but it was a festive start to our evening.


Next, we headed off to JAX Beach to see the Deck the Chairs display.


This is an annual event where various groups decorate life guard chairs into a holiday theme. My favorite was a group that turned the chair into Santa’s sleigh.


It was a beautiful, slightly cool evening to be near the beach.


The kids even did some surfing :).


Finally, we drove through some neighborhoods near our house with mega holiday lights and stopped at this local business that has the front yard covered in every blow up holiday creature made.


It was a fun evening out with the kids and we are grateful to have them home for Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Lights”

  1. Love all the lights, It looks like it was worth the $20 donation if all those lights were set to music.
    Anthony and Kelly look great, I am so happy for you that all the kids are home for Christmas. Enjoy your time together and make some wonderful memories.


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