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North vs. South

on December 19, 2016

It’s temperatures like that that make me grateful to be living in Florida now.

Instead of breaking records for the number of below zero days in a season or the amount of snowfall in one day, Jacksonville is breaking records for warmest December days on record.


While my Minnesota friends are posting about bitter cold, I am sitting by the pool reading a good book or walking along the ocean with my husband. And I could not be happier!

I am so excited that Kelly gets to escape from the MN winter to join us in Jacksonville starting tomorrow. We can’t wait to see you, Kelly!


5 responses to “North vs. South

  1. John Litvin says:



  2. Mom says:

    Lucky Kelly!! I am sure she will love the warm weather as our winter is brutal. I can’t wait to go visit with you in the Spring, by then I will need to be thawed out!!


  3. Aunt sandra says:

    We are having a cold snap. It will only be 68 today. I am going to put the fireplace on.


  4. Sue Miklas says:

    Looks mighty inviting to me. We will be thinking of all you blessed people! Enjoy the weather & being together.


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