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A Very UnMerry Christmas

For as long as Carl and I have been married, we have celebrated Christmas with his parents. Of course, it was easy the first 5 years since we were living near them (and even with them the first Christmas) in Germantown, TN at the time.

1987, which is actually our second Christmas as a married couple but although we were together in 1986, there was not one single photo of all of us.
1989, pregnant with Kelly and celebrating in our first house.
1990 and Kelly’s 1st Christmas!

When we moved to the Chicago area in 1991, Sue and Karl either drove up to us for Christmas or we drove back down to Germantown on the 26th, alternating each year.

1991 in our second house in Carol Stream…we even brought Grandma Miklas from the nursing home to celebrate with us.
1992 in Memphis at Jim and Linda’s apartment

After we moved to Virginia in 1996, Sue and Karl continued to make the trek to our house, especially since we had two of their grandchildren. They were blessed at this time though since Jim’s job with the airlines gave them free flights for a few years.

1996 in Ashburn, VA, our third house

When we moved to MN in 1999, they still came, despite the frigid temperatures and often mounds and mounds of snow!

1999, in our fourth house in Chaska, MN

I remember the one year that the neighbors had to help push their car up the hill by our house since the roads were so slick. They were troopers to faithfully come for 15 years.


We were all thrilled to escape the MN winters with our move to Florida in 2014 and continue to celebrate together.


So we were all so very saddened this week when my father-in-law, Karl, fell outside while raking the yard and broke the femur in his right leg. He underwent surgery on Thursday to have a plate and pins put in his leg. He is expected to spend around 5 days in the hospital and then go to a rehab facility for at least a week before going home to recuperate. Needless to say, they won’t be coming to spend Christmas with us, for the first time in 30 years :(.

It will be very strange not to have them with us for Christmas this year. And before you all suggest that we go to them, we discussed it but do not feel that Sue needs the added stress of 6 adults (our family of 5 plus Kelly’s boyfriend who is flying into JAX on the 23rd) descending upon her house while trying to care for Karl. His first few weeks will require as much rest as possible and he’ll probably be hopped up on pain pills as it is. And being in a two-story home, he’s probably going to have a make-shift bed set up somewhere on the main level. So for those reasons, we don’t think it’s wise to go to them.

We want Sue and Karl to know how much they will be missed and we are praying fervently for Karl’s quick and complete recovery. We look forward to returning to our tradition next Christmas!



5 thoughts on “A Very UnMerry Christmas”

  1. We cannot believe we will actually be home for Christmas….how the heck did this happen?? We were looking forward being with our FL family celebrating BEING TOGETHER! But the fall in the street in front of our house put the end of our Christmas streak of traveling to enjoy the season. Karl had surgery on Thursday & all went well….his leg is straight once again. Of course, the way back to walking is just beginning. We will all keep encouraging him to work hard so he will get back to “life” Keep him in your prayers.. Miss you all on Christmas! We will have to bring an adult beverage to Karl in Rehab! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  2. How sad for everyone!! Poor Karl, I am happy to hear his surgery went well and will be praying for a speedy recovery. Kristy could leave her tree up until you are able to drive again and celebrate a “little” late. Give my love to Karl!!!


  3. So lovely to have Sue and Karl, all those years celebrating each other’s life’s.
    Karl needs his recovery time now.
    Let me send Christmas love to all my friends and relatives. Thank you Lord for all your blessings to all of us.


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