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Jaguar Holiday Party

on December 8, 2016

Monday night was the annual Jaguar Holiday Party at Everbank Field.


It was actually about 80 degrees so I was burning up in my sweater wrap outside.


I pushed through though because that’s the price for fashion!

There was lots of good food and festive cocktails, including this Grinch punch.


Just a sampling…there was also Prime Rib, salad bar, cheese and fruit trays and dessert, including a S’more station outside.

The theme was Casino night so we used all our chips playing blackjack and listening to Mark tell a string of jokes that kept us laughing.


It was a fun night with my husband. Thanks Jags!



4 responses to “Jaguar Holiday Party

  1. grandpa john says:



  2. Les says:



  3. Sue Miklas says:

    Another festive Christmas celebration with lots of yummy food & drink. You both look mighty happy & looking good!


  4. Mom says:

    When it is 15 degrees here and with the wind chill 2 degrees, 60 degrees sounds wonderful!! But did you win playing blackjack? Looks like a great party and I agree with Sue, you both look great and happy!


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