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Leslie’s Visit – Part Two

Sunday was the real reason for Leslie’s visit….NFL football! We also invited our friends, Dee and Eddy to the game, so after church the four of us (Carl and Zack were already at the stadium) headed off to the stadium in Eddy’s car. About half way there, I remembered that I forgot this in my church bag back in my car parked at church (I brought it into church because I had an extra pass and wasn’t sure which one I was supposed to give to a friend):

Sunday (9).JPG

Dee, Eddy and Leslie were all very forgiving and gentle and I am grateful that they didn’t make me stand on the street corner with a sign while begging for donations to pay for the $30 we had to come up with for parking. Such good friends!

Our first stop was Carl’s office to get free water to replace our bottles we had to dump out at the entrance to the stadium. We couldn’t afford the $6 a bottle of water at the concession stand after paying for parking. 


Carl escorted us to our seats which were apparently in the Denver Broncos section as we were surrounded by loud, cheering fans. Although in actuality, most of the stadium seemed to be covered in a sea of orange since Jacksonville fans are now comatose at this point in their 2-10 season.


After posting this photo on Instagram with the hashtag #jagsgamedaylive, I then spent the rest of the game looking for my photo on the giant screens, which was way more entertaining than the game for me:


After halftime, Leslie and I made our way over to the BudZone to harass our favorite merchandise seller.


After the game, we met back up with Carl and Zack for a ride home.


After getting home, it was time for cocktails, dinner and Camp Cards.


It was a great visit with Leslie and we are so glad that she came to spend a few days with us. We look forward to the day when she and her parents move to Jacksonville to be near us :). (Not that that’s happening but we can wish, can’t we!?)

4 thoughts on “Leslie’s Visit – Part Two”

  1. Leslie had to be in heaven with going to the football game, only thing better would have been the Jaguars playing the Titans!! I think all of your guests have a wonderful time, you and Carl are a wonderful host and hostess. Looking forward to bringing my cousin for my next visit in March or April. Get those drinks of the day on the menu!!


  2. Football was definitely a highlight!! Thanks to my brother and my rival team. Could not ask for a better day to be in the stadium, we’ll maybe a little cooler for me.


  3. So happy you all had the whole weekend to have fun. You all really kept Leslie “hopping” with all kinds of fun things. Of course being able to attend the football game was the “frosting on the cake” She will return again I am sure! Glad you all survived the first night’s rather potent drink!


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