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Leslie’s Visit – Part One

On Friday, Carl’s sister flew in to visit us in our new home for the first time.


Friday was just a relaxing afternoon/evening at home (since Carl was working). After dinner, we enjoyed some hot chocolate/coffee spiked with Bailey’s for our inaugural bonfire on our new firepit patio (we just used the metal firebowl…Carl’s getting to the stone firepit soon).


After discussing movie musicals, I tortured Carl and Leslie by ending our evening with a viewing of 16-year-old-Kristy’s favorite movie, The Idolmaker. It was awesome…and I know they agree!

On Saturday, I had a Secret Diner assignment at a breakfast place by the beach and Leslie was chosen as my dining companion. Afterwards, we walked down to see the ocean and the still-damaged-from-Hurricane-Matthew pier.


Later that day, Carl, Leslie and I all headed down to see St. Augustine.


We stayed until after dark and had intended to ride the trolley to see the Christmas Lights, but with waits of over an hour, we just walked instead.


We then took Leslie to our favorite St. Augustine restaurant, Aunt Kate’s, since it was a beautiful night for seafood while sitting outside on the waterfront.



It was a really busy, fun day exploring the Jacksonville area. We are so glad that Leslie came to visit!

6 thoughts on “Leslie’s Visit – Part One”

  1. Short visit, but you managed to go to all my favorite places. Bonfire looks amazing and refreshments sound delicious. I am glad Leslie finally got a chance to see your Florida home and hope she will return.


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