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Karl’s 80th Birthday Celebration

Although today (Tuesday) is actually my father-in-law’s 80th birthday, since Jim left before the crack of dawn this morning, we celebrated yesterday. After some errands and putzing around the house yesterday, the four energetic adults decided to get some fresh air with a brisk walk around the lake at Shelby Farms Park.


When we returned, Karl had put Zack to work power-washing the driveway so Carl jumped in to help.

Sue made a great dinner of salmon, green beans and salad and then we decided to take a bunch of family photos to commemorate all three siblings being together for the first time in many years.

Jim, Leslie and Carl


Grandson, Father and Son
karls-80th-19After we got all of the photos out of the way, it was time for cards and presents. I made Karl a little sign because it’s hard to buy anything for people that already have everything they need.


Finally, it was time for cake!


It was a sweet family day celebrating Karl. There were several moments when Karl got emotional just reminiscing about days gone by or expressing appreciation to his family. That, of course, made everybody else tear up. It was really a special time together.

We are extremely grateful for Karl’s 80 years and the love and energy he has poured into his family. May we all have many years left together.




3 thoughts on “Karl’s 80th Birthday Celebration”

  1. Happy 80th Birthday to Karl!! What a wonderful way of celebrating having his three children with him. A week of celebration for a great guy!! Enjoy!!


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