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Thanksgiving Roadtrip

For the 15 years that we were in MN, Carl was not able to take time off of work during the football season. Since Carl now has a cushy job in JAX with very flexible work hours AND Zack is off of school for the whole week AND Carl’s dad is celebrating his 80th birthday on Tuesday, we decided that we needed to take a road trip to Memphis for Thanksgiving week. 

On Saturday, Carl, Zack, Harry and I drove the 12 hours from JAX to TN. Thanks to a very funny audiobook from our friends Dee and Eddy, the time went by very quickly. After arriving and freshening up, we met up with Carl’s parents, sister (Leslie) and brother (Jim) at a Greek restaurant for dinner, where they went after attending mass.  Jim flew in for a few days from Boston for his dad’s birthday so it was nice for all three siblings to be together for the first time in many years (we’re thinking 6-7 years).

After dinner, we had a taste test of two pumpkin liquors.

Carl and I preferred the Baileys but most of the others preferred the Whisper brand.

After a relaxing Sunday at home, we went to Carl’s cousin, Susie’s house that evening.

Susie and her husband moved to the Memphis area a few years ago so it was nice to see their new house, although it sounds like another job change might be sending them to Philadelphia in the coming year.

One of Susie’s sons, Max is in back with Zack

My father-in-law’s sister, Joanne, is visiting Susie and just celebrated her birthday so we had cake to celebrate both Karl and Joanne. They look pretty darn good for 83 and 80 years old!!

It’s been a nice visit filled with family. 

Thanks for the streamer in my face, Zack.

We are grateful for time together.

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