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Recently, I kept seeing an ad that caught my eye on Facebook for a company called Chatbooks.


Chatbooks will automatically upload all of your photos from your targeted social media account and create full-color 6-inch square books with 60 photos each for just $8 each.

The covers of my books.

It even includes the captions and dates for each photo if you want (or you can exclude them if you don’t want them).


First you create and order your Chatbooks Series using Facebook, Instagram, or your Favorites from your Camera Roll. Then every time 60 new photos load to that photo source, a new Volume in your Series Subscription is created. You’ll get an email notifying you when you have three days left to edit your new Chatbook before it gets printed and shipped. You pay only $8 and the shipping options are: Slow & Free, Quick & Trackable, or Fast & Spendy.

This is another fun way to document our family life. My new books look great on the shelf with my other blog books and special books that I have created.


I’m so grateful to have all of these special ways to collect my photos and stories for my family.

5 thoughts on “Chatbooks”

  1. I love the little books but $8 a book for 60 pictures seems high to me. I have hundreds of pictures on Facebook, it would cost a fortune. What am I missing here?


    1. I pay over $100 for my blog book each year so $8 for a full-color, bound book of photos seemed reasonable to me. My Instagram account made 8 books, so it was worth it for $56 for me.


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