The Friends


This past weekend, I found out that my old across-the-street neighbor from Minnesota was flying into Orlando for the week with her boyfriend. I invited her to drive up to Jacksonville for the Jaguars game on Sunday (Carl had a few extra tickets) and dinner at our house. I am so happy that they took us up on the offer! (I also invited them to stay for the night but they decided to drive back that night.)

It was so great to spend hours talking and laughing as if a day had not passed since we were last together. I love friends like that!


We loved meeting her new boyfriend, Pat, and are so happy that they are so happy together. I have seen Melissa through two rough marriages and some very hard years with her kids but she is in a great place now and it’s a joy to see.

It blows my mind to think that Melissa and I have been friends for over 17 years and have seen our children grow up together. Where does the time go??

2 thoughts on “Melissa”

  1. How great to have your friend from Minnesota come to visit in Florida. Think how Sue and I feel with some of our friendships which are well over 25 years in some cases. Time does go too fast especially as we get older.


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