The Kids

Zack’s 18th Birthday

I was going to write Zack a sappy, reminiscing blog post for his 18th birthday and then I realized that I already did that last year  :). You’re welcome, Zack. The big change from that post is that Zack has held a steady job at Chick-fil-A for nearly a year now, in addition to his work at the stadium during home Jaguar games selling merchandise. He also seems to be narrowing in on a career path with an interest as an automotive repair technician. We need to set up an appointment at the technical college to check it out.

Zack loves the fact that Florida acknowledges Veteran’s Day (which is always on his birthday) with no school since that was not the case in Minnesota. Zack decided that he wanted to see a movie for his birthday. But first, we stopped for lunch at Arby’s.


Then we went to the theater and saw “Doctor Strange.” Zack liked it. I thought it was “meh.”

After Carl got home from work, it was Zack’s choice for the third year running to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.



Afterwards, Zack got to open his cards, including one of my most favorite cards created by me :).


Even Zack was impressed and stated “that’s actually very cool.”

We are grateful for Zack and look forward to seeing what his adulthood brings!


Happy 18th Birthday Zackary!

5 thoughts on “Zack’s 18th Birthday”

  1. Happy 18th Birthday. Sounds like a great birthday celebration. Jake went to school for auto tech. Go apply for a job at a car dealership to get a better feel for the work. Jake lucked out and got a job at Infinity. As a porter you move cars around the lot and whatever else they want you to do. He got to help with oil changes and that is what got him interested. 👍🏻😀. Best Wishes


  2. Happy 18th Zack!! Hard to believe those years went by so fast. I remember seeing him for the first time when I picked you up from the airport. Love the card you made, very creative. Looks like a great celebration as Zack is entering into adulthood. Make good choices Zack!! Love you!!


  3. Zack, you are destined for great things….Can’t believe it has been over 17 years that you have graced us with your wonderful presence. The Lord blessed all of us when Mom & Dad brought you to the USA. Good luck in pursuing your career after graduation. Love you. See you soon!


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