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When I unveiled the improvements in the backyard this spring, we were almost complete, with the exception of laying the sod and building the fire pit.


It has *finally* cooled off enough (i.e., below 80 degrees during the day) for us to lay sod in the backyard. So on Friday, Carl had 5 square yards of topsoil delivered to the driveway.

Since Zack was working, I had the pleasure of helping him load the wheelbarrow at least 25 times so he could bring it into the backyard. I pushed the wheelbarrow twice and decided that was enough for me. I need to work on some upper body strength, I think!


On Saturday, since Zack was NOT working, he had the pleasure of helping Carl lay the sod.


Considering the fact that my job with Carl took about 3 hours and Zack’s only took about an hour AND he didn’t get any blisters like I did, I’d say my job was way harder.


But we finally have grass again!


I’m so glad that the vacant dirt island is gone. Nice work, Team Miklas!


Coming up next, it’s time to build the fire pit! And it’s actually cooling off enough in the evenings to be able to use it.

5 thoughts on “Grass”

    1. What a difference the grass makes!! It looks great!! Sorry about your blisters but at least you tried. Leave the heavy work for the guys!!!


  1. After all your hard work, you all have a “country club” beautiful yard. Who ever said “hard work doesn’t pay?” Know you & your guests will enjoy taking in all the beauty! Look forward being there @ Christmas!


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