Florida Life

The Aftermath

On Saturday, Carl and I finally made it down to Mickler’s Beach in Ponte Vedra to check out the aftermath from Hurricane Matthew.


Apparently, about 20 feet of sand dunes were destroyed, churning up the plants and bamboo reeds planted in the dunes and depositing the mangled remains along the beach.

There were many interesting trees uprooted and laying on the beach.


We didn’t see any damage to the multi-million dollar homes in this area but there were many collapsed/destroyed walkways/decks.


We found a cool piece of driftwood that we then carried for at least a mile so that we could take it home. When Carl got tired of carrying on his shoulder like this, we each grabbed an end and carried it between us.


We are going to hang it somewhere on the fence near the pool because it’s so cool!

I heard that further down the coastline, there are numerous houses marked with large orange X’s that have been condemned and washed out roadways. But for the most part, Jacksonville was spared from extensive damage. Praising God for His mercy!

3 thoughts on “The Aftermath”

  1. That hurricane did a lot of damage but I am sure it could have been worse. The driftwood is interesting and should look great on your fence. (Carl you are too thin)


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