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Block Party

On Sunday, Carl and I hosted a block party for our end of the street. I made invitations on the computer and then last week we walked from house to house to try to personally invite all of the neighbors. If we couldn’t get them after two tries, we just left the flyer on their door.


Of the 13 houses invited, 9 showed up (at least for a little while) which we think was a good turn-out.


We put up three tents on the driveway for shade since it is still in the low 80s around here.


I set up some tables with some Fall decorations to hold all the food. People were asked to bring their own meat and drinks and a side dish to share. We provided all of the paper goods.


It was a really great time building a sense of community with those around us. Everyone stayed for over 4 hours so they must have been having fun. Plus, they all asked if we could do it again on regular basis (like once a quarter or every 6 months).


I’m so grateful for the chance to make all of our neighbors our friends. Good times!

6 thoughts on “Block Party”

  1. What a great idea getting the neighborhood together…reminiscent of when you organized in MN. Happy as many people attended & new friends were made. You two are the great fun organizers!!


  2. Reminds me of the block parties we had in Elmhurst!! Fun times!! I don’t think you and Carl like to sit still without having something to do.


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