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October Craft Night

At long last, I finally held another craft night on Friday.  I have had several people ask if I was going to ever host one again and I was inspired by a cute project I saw on Pinterest, so I decided it was time.

OctCraftNight (6).JPG

It was actually supposed to be last Friday but Jacksonville hosted a hurricane instead. So it was postponed for a week. But that gave Carl and I things to do while we waited out the hurricane. The day prior to the big storm, Carl helped me cut 4×4 posts into the proper sizes (10″, 7″ and 4″).


Then he drilled holes in the tops of each wood block to insert the “stems,” which were dowels that he cut into 2 inch pieces.


During the hurricane, while we lost power and had nothing else to do, we painted the wood blocks with the base color.


During craft night, the ladies used vinyl circles (that I had precut on my Cricut) and painter’s tape to cover the blocks. Then we painted the opposite color over the top of the whole block, allowed it to dry and then removed to circles and tape. The real magic came when we sanded the edges and across the surface to give the rough, textured finish…my favorite part of the process! The final step was to insert the pre-painted stems and tie on some raffia. Since I have a hard time giving directions, helping everyone, keeping things moving and socializing, I never remember to take any photos during the evening. But these are some of the finished products by the ladies.


Funny story….after Carl and I did the prep work during the hurricane, I had some free time on Monday and ended up setting up the dining room table to prepare for craft night on Friday.


Carl made fun of how I had perfectly lined up the blocks in front of each place at the table. The next morning, I noticed this at one of the place settings.


Although my instinct was to straighten out the blocks, I knew that would only fuel the fire. The next morning, Carl took it up a notch.


I still refused to move the blocks, knowing that it would give him the victory. The next day, he tried this…


Nope, I still refused to move them. Until shortly before the ladies started arriving, that is. I couldn’t let them think I was some type of heathen with the blocks all askew. Ha!

This was probably my favorite Craft Night project to date. I had several participants ask for another card-making night as well so that is probably I will do next month. I’m glad to once again be hosting these fun nights in my home again.



6 thoughts on “October Craft Night”

  1. You have to admit Carl has a good sense of humor!! Trying to drive his OCD wife out of her mind.
    Cute project, where did you put your finished project?


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