Crafting, Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Projects

Remember I had a pile of leftovers from my headboard project? I found two ways to use them up and tie the room together.

The first was to make a wooden tray.

It holds the candles on the corner of my dresser and makes it easy to move them for cleaning.

The second way was to make a little sign for the side of Carl’s armoire.


For both projects, I just hot-glued the pieces together. For the sign, I painted the “M” in the background and then used my cricut to cut out vinyl letters for the rest.


Quick and easy!

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Projects”

  1. I love the south Seas look. I am getting more and more motivated to visit. I want to see in person. Also I want to visit with the Russian guy who lives there.


  2. Great use of the extra wood…love both items. Would you, could you transfer some of that God given talent to me??? You know how good I am at craft projects!!!!


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