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Finishing Touches

At the end of last week, I put the finishing touches on the Master Bedroom. I found this photo on Pinterest as the inspiration for a DIY beachy headboard.


So I headed off to Lowe’s and picked up some wood and paint to begin the project.


After cutting the boards to various sizes with a chop saw (yes, not only do I know what it’s called, I know how to use it!), I laid them out and painted them.


After the paint dried, I screwed the horizontal braces to the backs of the “posts” and then glued the “pickets” in place, using extra wood pieces in-between as spacers.


Notice how on the end of the “posts,” I angled the tops for some added character.


After it had a few hours to dry, I turned it over and screwed the back of each “picket” to the horizontal braces.


Finally, I signed my name on the back :).


I have all these extra smaller pieces from trimming the pickets when I changed up the design a little from the inspiration piece so you can expect me to come up with some project to use them up in the near future.


Wanna see how it turned out?




I love it! And actually, instead of bolting it to the bed frame, we just put some hooks on the back of the posts and hung it directly on the wall so that it wouldn’t bang against the wall every time the bed moved, which would have been annoying.


Did you notice the other project I tackled at the same time? It is the bench that we purchased for the entryway of our house in Virginia almost 20 years ago. It sat unused in our basement of MN for 15 years. It finally found a home in the guest room of this house.


With the new furniture in the guest room, it no longer matched in there and the bench was moved to our bedroom.


However, we realized that it wasn’t going to work in its current state. So chalk paint to the rescue!


I first painted it with the lighter blue and wasn’t crazy about it. So I dry brushed on a darker blue to give it a molted look that I like much better. I have a new cover ordered for the cushion.

I’m very happy with the improvements. For around $20, I made the headboard and revamped the bench.  I’d say the bedroom is pretty much complete now.

6 thoughts on “Finishing Touches”

  1. Love it a Whole lot…..but I will have to say that the bench in the guest bedroom will be missed……just saying! Just looked at Grandma Sandy’s comment & I see that we think alike. There is a definite connection!


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