The House, The Husband

Wordless Wednesday: More Pavers

While I was away at the Women’s Retreat a few weeks ago, Carl spent his time using up the leftover pavers from our backyard project.

He made a path for us to walk through when going to the backyard. This is especially helpful when bringing the garbage dumpsters back and forth from the curb.


Previously, you had to drag the dumpsters around or through the planting area, neither of which was an easy task. He still had to lay a fresh batch of pine straw but the path looks great.

Thanks for being productive while I was gone, Carl!

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: More Pavers”

  1. Where does he get the energy & more important…the know how to do all this??? The man is amazing. He just cannot sit still! Looks great & makes the front area!


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