The House

Master Bedroom Redo

As I mentioned yesterday, I have wanted a beachy/coastal master bedroom feel since we moved to Florida.



The blue swirly bedspread was just not cutting it though with our traditional Mission-style furniture set. So with Carl on-board for moving our bedroom set to the guest room, I began the Craigslist search for a new set for our bedroom that could be chalk painted into a beachy/coastal vibe for our bedroom.

I apparently didn’t take a photo of the furniture all assembled. This is the best that I had. Sorry.

A few weeks ago, I found just the set. For $400, I bought a very solid, real-wood set with a long dresser, large armoire and two end tables in a bamboo and rattan look that was perfect for what I wanted. (I ended up selling the laminate guest room furniture for $200 which means that I replaced the furniture for a mere $200!) The color wasn’t even that bad but I really wanted a white chalk-painted set so I began with a good washing down of the furniture and then sanding the tops and drawer faces.


Then I painted three coats of white chalk paint and two coats of poly-acrylic sealant on the pieces.


Here you can see a close up of the bamboo and rattan pattern that is on the armoire doors and the top drawers of the other pieces.


Finally, it was time for the big switcheroo of moving out the guest room furniture, moving our furniture to the guest room and then putting the newly-painted furniture into our bedroom.

I love it so much!

I actually have a really cool headboard design in mind that I will be making in the next few weeks.

It is just what I envisioned.


While we were rearranging furniture, we took the time to finally run the television cords through the wall as well which is really nice since the new Xfinity boxes don’t even have to be visible on top of the dresser anymore. Yay!


The painting from my deceased Grandma Donna, which was just sent to me a few days ago by my aunt Gale, was the perfect addition to above the armoire, along with some items I found at some local stores.


I love these candle holders for my dresser that I found at Hobby Lobby.


I am very pleased with our bedroom. It is just the fun, coastal look that I was hoping for. It is so bright and cheery in there that it makes me smile every time I walk in there.

Next up, the new headboard!


5 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Redo”

  1. Might I quote that philosopher….NICE! But I will go a step further..VERY NICE! Love it. I also would “fall in love” every time I entered the bedroom. YOU do good work! Enjoy your NEW room!


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