The House

Guest Room Redo

Fact #1: Seven years ago, we bought an inexpensive laminate furniture set for the newly completed basement guest room for our house in Minnesota.

Fact #2: That furniture moved to Florida with us where it continued to be used in the guest bedroom.


Fact #3: After our time at my boss’s vacation home in Santa Rosa beach with its cute coastal decor, Carl and I were inspired to replace the cheap bedroom set in the guest room. Carl suggested that I find a Craigslist bargain to chalk paint into something beautiful.

Fact #4: Rather than find a Craigslist bargain to chalk paint into something beautiful for the guest bedroom, I decided to do that for our master bedroom instead and move our furniture into the guest room. Since our current master bedroom furniture is a very traditional Mission style, it didn’t really work for the beachy, coastal look that I was aiming for in there. Plus it was expensive, Thomasville furniture that I wouldn’t really want to paint anyways.

Fact #5: Our former master bedroom set looks fantastic in the guest room!




We are happy for the upgrade to some nice furniture in the guest room. It really took it up a notch in there. I know our guests will enjoy their stay even more now :).

Tomorrow I will reveal what we did in the master bedroom. Stay tuned!



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