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Women’s Retreat

This past weekend was a regional women’s retreat for our family of churches (Sovereign Grace churches of Florida).


I was asked to handle the decorations and given a budget of $100 so I put together these simple vases with items from the Dollar Tree.

The six vases on the left were for decorating various tables and the four vases on the right were for the rooms of the speakers during the retreat.

I also made a “Welcome” banner for the registration table.


This was the table at the front of the meeting room that I decorated with two of the vases and items from around my home or borrowed from a friend.


The theme of the retreat was “Mercy Received, Mercy Extended” and it was a delight to hear messages from the two pastor’s wives from our church as well as some of the other pastor’s wives. What a gifted group of women!

Women from our church made up one-third of the participants.


I especially enjoyed my time getting to know a woman from our church that drove the 1-1/2 hours each way with me and was my roommate during the retreat. It turns out that we have much in common and are in very similar stages of life. I look forward to hanging with her more.

It was a lovely time away in a beautiful setting with delicious food that I did not have to prepare with women that inspire me and I enjoy being with. I look forward to more times together as a church family.


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