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Happy Birthday Aunt Sandy!

Today was my last full day in Chicago, which also happened to be my Aunt Sandy’s birthday. I am glad that I was here to help her celebrate. After a relaxing morning and early afternoon finishing up the moving preparations, Aunt Sandy took me on the Architectural Boat Tour of Chicago.

The 90-minute tour was a fascinating lesson of Chicago architectural history. I learned interesting facts such as the Trump Tower Chicago is the second tallest building in Chicago (behind Willis Tower), the fourth tallest building in the US and the 16th tallest building in the world.

The Chicago Civic Opera House, in the Art Deco style, is the second largest auditorium in North America and has the auditorium surrounded by two office wings.

The mural on this building (which is opposite Union Station) is actually a city map with the red rectangle representing the building that it is located upon.

This is one of the oldest buildings along the river. It used to be a warehouse but is now condominiums after windows and balconies were added.

This is the infamous Wrigley Building (on the left).

Finally, because the plot of land that the developer bought was so small, the architect created this unusual building shape to expand the square footage of the building.

I thoroughly enjoyed the boat tour and it was the highlight of my week. I am finding that as I get older, I enjoy more and more historical information and am finding these types of tours to be quite interesting.

After the boat tour, it was my turn to treat Aunt Sandy to a birthday dinner at one of her favorite places for dinner outside, overlooking the river.

She even was given a special dessert for her special day.

It was a great 10-days being in the Chicago area and helping my aunt. We accomplished much and she is well-prepared for the rest of the move over the next few weeks. I am so grateful for the time together. I will miss our nightly scrabble games and will retain the lessons that she taught me. See you next in Tuscon,  Aunt Sandy!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Aunt Sandy!”

  1. Great ending to your stay in Chicago! I hope Aunt Sandra had a wonderful birthday spent with her wonderful niece. I am also grateful I got to spend a couple of days with you. See you in Florida!


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