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Old Friends

When my best friend from high school (who I reconnected with on Facebook last year after a 35-year absence) saw that I was in the Chicago area, she suggested that we meet up and so on Monday morning we met at a local park with her husband in tow.

It was really fun to catch up on the last 35 years and share memories that had long been forgotten. For example, Lori remembers working with me as a coat check girl at the restaurant my dad managed. She also remembers going for Sunday brunch and said they had the best chocolate chip banana bread. She did not remember going to her aunt’s house in Florida together, where she got a severe case of sunburn that laid her out for three days in excruciating pain. Good times!

After my meet-up, my mom was kind enough to drive me back downtown to my aunt’s house. After changing into the dress that I stole from my mother (and the shoes and undergarments I purchased with mom the day prior to complete my outfit), Aunt Sandy and I went to her old friend Terry’s condo for champagne and an appetizer.

Terry lives in a gorgeous, spacious, open floor plan condo (actually two units that were combined together) with views of Lake Michigan. This was the only photo that I could casually sneak.

After our first course at Terry’s, we walked a few blocks (well, except for Aunt Sandra, who took a cab) to Terry’s daughter’s house. As I mentioned in the other post, when I was young, my family would vacation with Aunt Sandra’s family and Terry’s family for ski vacations and summer vacations to the dude ranch. Terry’s daughter, Lynn, was closest in age to me and my cousin, Vicki, so we would all hang out together when I wasn’t getting engaged to her brother, Mark. I haven’t seen my old friend, Lynn, since we were kids!

I also met Lynn’s significant other (not pictured) and her two sons (the youngest shown here). It was fun to visit with Lynn and meet her family. She also prepared a delicious meal for us and I may have gone on carb overload for the day but it was worth it!

Meanwhile, back on the East Coast, Carl drove up to Hilton Head, South Carolina Sunday afternoon to meet up with his parents for a few days.  They are staying with my father-in-law’s old friend from grade school at the guy’s timeshare for the week.

He has been enjoying some fishing, relaxing on the beach, games, and early-bird supers. I’m glad my husband had a few days with his parents while I am enjoying myself in Chicago. I’ll see you Friday Carl!

3 thoughts on “Old Friends”

  1. What a great way to celebrate Labor Day! It is always nice to catch up with old friends and get reacquainted..Hard to believe so many years have gone by and all the children have grown to a successful adults. Brings back memories of all of our trips together.
    Back to reality today and getting Aunt Sandra ready for her move, I know she appreciates all your help and organization.


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