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Sunday Funday with Mom

On Sunday, mom and I spent the beginning part of the afternoon doing a little shopping. After we acquired a few items that I needed, we went to the Schaumburg September Fest, which is the largest community fest we’ve ever seen. While there, I picked up a cute hat so my husband will stop harassing me about wearing a hat while I float around the pool at home. I don’t typically like how I look in hats but I thought this one was pretty cute. I also like that it is compactable and stays on with up to 40 mph winds.

After walking through the craft market, we stopped for five rounds of bingo.

Sadly, we did not win. Darn it.

After returning home, we enjoyed a cocktail on the balcony. Then mom grilled some steaks on the grill while I prepared the salads and broccoli and sweet potato for me.

After dinner, we watched a Redbox movie, “Mother’s Day,” which was entertaining.

It was a fun day spent with my mom. I’m so grateful for our time together. I love you mom. Thanks for a great day!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday with Mom”

  1. It was indeed a great day! I only wish we lived closer so we could do lots of mother and daughter things! I loved having you here and hope we are together soon! Love you Kristy!


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