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Escaping the City

On Friday after dinner with Aunt Sandra, Aunt Gale, Jeff and Jill, I drove out to the suburbs with Gale, Jeff and Jill, where my mom picked me up from Gale’s house so that I could spend the weekend with her.

On Saturday afternoon, we stopped by Gameworks to visit my niece, Bryanna, at work. 

After a brief visit, we headed out to the far west suburbs to visit my brother, Rob, at his new house. This was my first time to really meet my adorable nephew, Robby (I did meet him for a few hours when he was a few months old at my grandma’s funeral). I brought him a special gift for his 2nd birthday, which was a little over a month ago. 

He’s crazy about Superman and had a Superman birthday party so I bought him a Superman Duplo set.

Rob and Lisa invited my dad also and made a terrific dinner with burgers, sausage, salad, fruit and more.

After dinner, dad left and Lisa rested (after all, she is 5 months pregnant with baby #2, Max) so mom, Rob and I took Robby to the park, where Rob gave me a lesson on Pokemon Go.

It was a really nice visit with my brother and his sweet little family.

It’s times like that when I really wished all my extended family could live close together.

Congratulations Rob and Lisa on your beautiful new home and your beautiful family. I am so very happy for you. May you continue to be richly blessed.

4 thoughts on “Escaping the City”

  1. It was a great day and I am always so happy when my family is together! Robby connected with Aunt Kristy and both had fun together! Love my family!


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