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Sand Dollar Project

on August 29, 2016

After bringing home 14 sand dollars from St. Simons Island, I spent a few days bleaching them and drying them in the sun. The darker ones needed a few soaks in the bleach water to turn them white. After a trip to Hobby Lobby for a shadow box frame, which already had a pretty burlap background, I then picked out my 9 favorite sand dollars and hot glued them to the burlap backing.

I printed “sea island, georgia” onto cream-colored cardstock and punched it out with a punch I had. I affixed it to the burlap with two beaded pins that came with the frame.


Then I hung it on the wall leading into the kitchen.


Easy Peasy! Now we have a fun reminder of our great getaway to Georgia and my first sand dollar collection.

Sorry for the glare on the photos. It’s really hard to take pictures of glass.


3 responses to “Sand Dollar Project

  1. Les says:

    Very cute!! Great idea


  2. grandpa john says:



  3. Mom says:

    Leslie stole my response! Very clever, your talent is amazing!


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