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Exploring St. Simons – Day Two

On Tuesday, we finally got our historic Trolley Tour and thoroughly enjoyed it.

St. Simons (2).JPG

Captain Rod (a native of the Chicago suburbs) was soooo entertaining and took us all over the entire island, sharing so many fun stories about the island’s history and pointing out places of interest. The 90-minute tour was only $20 per person and very much worth it. Plus, Captain Rod gives free tours to returning customers so next time we return, we can take the tour again for free. I highly recommend it if you are ever in St. Simons.

After the trolley tour, we decided to retrace our steps and visit most of the places that we had seen on the tour so that we could spend more time at each and get some photos. We went to….

The site of the Battle of the Bloody Marsh from 1742

St. Simons (5)

One of the churches for the local plantation’s African slaves. We learned that you can tell is the church is African because of the blue windows. The slaves believed that water protected them from evil spirits so they would cover church windows in blue glass and often painted their houses blue.

St. Simons (9)

St. Simons (10)

Fort Frederica National Monument,  the remnants of a colonial town and subsequent military fort on the island.

St. Simons (16)

One of the oldest grave markers we have ever seen… for a Revolutionary War Soldier that was born in 1738 and died in 1808.

St. Simons (14)

Lovely Lane Chapel, the oldest standing church on St. Simons, built in 1880 and now the most popular wedding venue on the island.

St. Simons (19)

and Harrington Plantation Slave Cabins.

St. Simons (22)

Based on the recommendation from Captain Rod, we grabbed some outstanding Southern BBQ and friend Okra from a local joint for lunch. Delicious!

St. Simons (25)

When exploring one historical marker, we came upon a metal box hidden behind it. I immediately thought of my brother John and told Carl, “it’s a geocache box!”

St. Simons (11)

Carl and I are so good, we can find geocaches without even using the GPS!

The other part of our exploring that day included looking for the “Spirit trees” carved throughout the town. The biggest and best one was right by the visitor’s center.

Trees (1)

The second one was harder to find and hard to see but if you look closely you can see an old man’s face.

Trees (2)

The third one was much clearer.

Trees (3)

It was a really fun day exploring St. Simons Island. We really enjoyed our time there. With just a 90-minute drive from home, we definitely plan on going back. We won’t be staying in the $400+ a night room at the Sea Island Resort, but we WILL go back!

We are grateful to the Jaguars for a really fun getaway. It’s great to have such fun perks like that.

8 thoughts on “Exploring St. Simons – Day Two”

  1. I love old cities/towns, they are just so interesting. Love the old cemetery and the trees. Do you remember the name of the geo cache so John can look it up? Or at least the name of the grave or cemetery? What kind of item was it? Inquiring minds want to know.


  2. Great place to explore….all that history! St. Simon’s is definitely a rich man’s playground but thanks to the Jags you were able to see how the “other half lives”. Glad you had a great time!


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