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Exploring St. Simons – Day One+

When Carl asked me about going up to Sea Island Resort from Sunday to Tuesday, I realized we had already scheduled a pool party with friends from church on Sunday.

Rather than cancel the party, since we had trouble finding a date that worked for all, we decided to just go up to the resort Sunday night so we could do both events.

We were happy to spend time again with Dee and Eddy and their extended family. It was great to see a full pool on the 98-degree day. Ice cream sundaes were the perfect dessert on the hot day. Thanks for coming, friends!

When we arrived at the resort Sunday night, after a short 1-1/2 hour drive, we explored a little and then took a walk on the beach where I found these….my first sand dollars!

The next day, on our walk, I found 10 more. I have a fun project in mind for them after I bleach them.

On Monday, we wanted to take the historic trolley tour around the island that I read about online. After waiting 30-minutes for the trolley to never appear, we finally gave up.

We walked through some little shops were I got some more cool decorating ideas. Then, we walked by the St. Simons lighthouse.

Near the lighthouse was this interesting stairway to no where.

At the Visitor’s Center, we learned that St. Simons Island was the home of the 2004 G8 Summit, attended by 8 world leaders, including then-president George Bush.


Because the restaurants at the resort were way out of our league, we stopped at the grocery store and picked up lunch to enjoy in our room.

It was the best baked chicken EVER and it was only six bucks. How can you beat that??

After that, we spent the afternoon sitting by the pool relaxing and reading. It was heavenly!

After showering and dressing, we found a local restaurant for dinner and then took a walk down the pier where we talked to a kid catching blue crabs with chicken meat. It was quite interesting to see.

It was a great day at a beautiful place. One more action-packed day tomorrow (where we finally get our trolley tour)…stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Exploring St. Simons – Day One+”

  1. Looks like an interesting place with beautiful scenery. Curious as what project you will be making with the sand dollars. Did you find the reason for the stairs going into the water?


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