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Sea Island Resort, Georgia

Last week, Carl asked me if I wanted to getaway for a few days to an expensive resort free of charge, thanks to the Jaguars.

Turns out the team had planned an executive retreat that they had to cancel. Since the rooms were non-refundable, rather than lose all the money, Carl’s boss told him to take a few days off and take me for a romantic getaway.

Rooms normally go for $400-$500 per night.

It was definitely the most expensive hotel that I have ever stayed in.

The white marble bathroom was to die for!

At night, they came in to place robes and slippers by the bed and leave us water and a chocolate on each end table. So fancy!

Let me show you more of the gorgeous hotel. This is the main hall/lobby.

Resort (8)
Here is a private area in one of the dining rooms.

Resort (5)
Here is the library, where they served coffee, tea and pastries each morning.

This is the view of the back of the hotel.

They even have their own chapel on site.

Resort (11)

Carl took a moment to practice his preaching skills.

Getaway (16)

Thanks so much for the romantic getaway, Carl.

Getaway (11)

I loved my time at at Sea Island Resort.

(I’ll tell you more about the stuff we did at the resort and in St. Simons in tomorrow’s post.)

6 thoughts on “Sea Island Resort, Georgia”

  1. What a beautiful hotel, no wonder you were impressed. Carl gets some good perks with his job, you are very lucky. Hope you enjoyed yourself, as Aunt Sandy said, there is no room service here!!


  2. What a great boss Carl has…..He must like him a whole lot to give such a generous gift. Hooray for Carl for being such a good employee! Looks pretty fancy…happy you both had a great time!


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