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St. Augustine Amphitheater

Last September, when we saw The Romantics, Loverboy and Rick Springfield at the St. Augustine Amphitheater, we were inspired to become volunteers for the Amphitheater so that we could continue to see concerts on a regular basis…for FREE! Carl’s parents have ushered at their local performing arts center for years and have enjoyed it so we figured it was the thing to do now that we are over 50 years old.

Ushers (2)

After completing a bunch of paperwork, having background checks completed and attending orientation, we were finally approved to become ushers. In July, we “shadowed” at our first performance…OMD/Howard Jones/Barenaked Ladies. I had heard of Barenaked Ladies but thought I wasn’t really familiar with the other two. However, I was pleasantly surprised during the concert to find that I had heard many of the songs from all of the performers.

Ushers (1)

We did another performance later that month (a musical comedy due…Flight of the Conchords who are apparently a big deal and even had a show on HBO for 2 seasons) and have signed up for 1-2 more each month. This past weekend we ushed for Ray LaMontagne (another performer that I thought I wasn’t familiar with but turns out I know many of his songs) and next month we will usher for Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys.

It’s a fun way to get out of the house and listen to some entertaining music without spending any money. We love free stuff!


7 thoughts on “St. Augustine Amphitheater”

  1. I have to admit I don’t know half of these people/groups but it would be fun to see which songs I recognized. At first I thought your dad wrote that post, I was amazed. Glad to see your brother is reading your posts!!


  2. Happy you two are taking advantage of all the free entertainment…..You have to put time in before the performance but then you get to enjoy the show…. sweet! We have loved doing this for many, many years & have seen some fantastic talent for FREE! Love it!


  3. We went to the Caboose to see the OMD (first show on the tour). That is the only band we wanted to see. Stayed for one song of bare naked ladies and ended up leaving, only to have a really cool conversation with OMD on the outside of their tour bus, just kicking back. LOVED OMD in high school . how fun for the two of you.


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