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It’s the sign of true friendship when you talk to an old friend and it’s like not a day has gone by and your conversation just flows easily and freely. (I’m grateful for social media…especially Facebook…that allows you to stay connected to family and friends all across the country, even when you don’t get to talk with them personally). It was during one of those all to infrequent phone calls last month with my good friend from Minnesota, Deb, that she mentioned she would hopefully be coming to Jacksonville on a business trip in August.

Last Thursday night, Deb did indeed fly into town and first stopped to have dinner with a neice-in-law before heading to our house for cocktails and catching up around the pool for a few hours before bed (Deb stayed at our house with us).

On Friday, since she didn’t have to be at her job site until late afternoon, we took advantage of the free morning for a 4.5 mile walk on the beach.

Deb (1)

We stopped at the halfway point and at the end to cool off and play in the waves. As we were in the water the first time, Deb exclaimed “I just saw something…I think it was a dolphin. Or a shark. But I think a dolphin.” Suddenly, we saw it (a dolphin) popping up again, just about 20 feet from us. Then looking out at the water, we saw another group of 4 dolphins swimming and jumping. And then another group! So exciting! I’ve lived in Jacksonville for almost 2 years now and this was my first dolphin encounter. Deb was here less than 24 hours and saw them on her first visit to the beach!

After lunch at the beach, we headed back home to shower so that Deb could go off to work for a few hours. When she returned, I served her dinner and then we capped off the night with more cocktails and a few rounds of Camp Cards in honor of old times.

Deb (2)

Deb had an early flight out the next morning to get back for the county fair which her daughter was participating in (such a thoughtful mom). It was a short and sweet visit but I am grateful for the time together. It’s always so great to spend time with friends and to talk, laugh and have fun. I hope that it’s not another two years before we get to spend time together!

2 thoughts on “MN BFF”

  1. Love those kinds of friendships!! I am so happy you were able to connect and spend some time together. Looks like you had a great time!!


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