Praises, The Kids

Anthony’s 20th Birthday!

Twenty!? How is that possible?  My blue-eyed, hat wearing, sweet little boy left his teenage years behind this week.


He spent his day doing the two things he loves….surfing in the morning and rock-climbing in the afternoon.

After prodding him for his choice for dinner….ANYTHING that you want, ANYWHERE you want to go….he finally selected “some fish and veggies.” I took some liberty with the fish thing and made one of my shrimp stir fry dishes.



Afterwards, he opened up his birthday cards, containing the perfect gift for a poor college student….cold, hard cash/checks.


And for the carb-eaters in the household, there were cupcakes.


It was a peaceful day celebrating our second child to reach their twenties! Two down, one to go!

5 thoughts on “Anthony’s 20th Birthday!”

  1. Even though he “cannot be bothered”….You did a great job “bothering” to make his day “complete”. He had a great day Chillaxon!!!!! Happy he has some monies to do with as he wishes…He truly is an adorable great 20 year old who is loved by his grandparents a whole lot!


  2. Hard to believe it is 20 years since Anthony has entered or lives!! He loves life and enjoys it to it’s fullest!! Love you Anthony, enjoy those birthdays while you are young and mom wants to cater to your wishes!!!


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