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Fun in the Sun with Friends

On Friday, our friends from church (and home group leaders) arrived in Santa Rosa Beach with their dog, Abby, to spend the weekend with us. It rained all afternoon so we enjoyed the time playing Camp Cards with our new converts and eating shish kabobs on the grill for dinner. After dinner, the skies finally cleared so we headed to the beach for the sunset.

While there, we saw a wedding party taking photos at the beach and a surprise engagement.

Awwww….how sweet!

That evening we played more games before heading off to bed.

On Saturday, the guys went fishing first thing in the morning…well, Carl fished and Eddy supervised.

When they returned, we gathered our things and returned for the morning/early afternoon at the beach.

After our relaxing time at the beach, we showered, dressed and went for a lovely early dinner on the bay, thanks to Dee and Eddy.

All of the food was amazing and beautifully presented.

Carl’s meal with a name I can’t remember.

Thanks for a great dinner, sweet friends!

We spent another evening playing games together

Eddy helped clear the freezer by eating the rest of the ice cream. What a trooper.

We are so grateful for the Godly example of their 47-year marriage (except when playing Sequence…they need to work on that area a bit…ha!) and the love and care Dee and Eddy provide our church and home group. We are thankful that they could join us for a few days of sun, fun and fellowship.

Thanks for coming Dee, Eddy and Abby. We love you guys!!

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