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Pensacola Road Trip

After Karl, Sue, Leslie, Anthony and Zack left on Thursday, Carl and I decided to make the two-hour drive over to Pensacola since I had heard there was an interesting museum, the National Museum of Naval Aviation and a Google search revealed that it was even free of charge.

It was way cooler than we expected, filled with over 140 naval aircraft dating back to WWI. 

This was one of Carl’s favorites, the Curtis P40, the Flying Tiger.

There was a fleet of Blue Angels as well.

It was a very interesting place to visit and we would highly recommend it to any airplane afficianados. 

Afterwards we went across the street to the Pensacola Lighthouse.

We didn’t go inside and to the top though since it was overcast and drizzly.

We wandered down the road a bit and came upon a military fort, Fort Barrancas, which also happened to be free (just that particular day…normal admission is $7 per adult). The indentations on the interior walls were from cannon shots at the fort.

We wandered the interior passageways until we got too hot.

It was well worth the drive to Pensacola and a much more interesting day than we anticipated. 

After that, we headed back to Santa Rosa Beach for cocktails at the beach while we watched the sunset.

Tomorrow our friends arrive. More fun to come!

3 thoughts on “Pensacola Road Trip”

  1. Great way to spend a rainy day & even better..free! Love it. Thanks for cluing the rest of us in, never knew it was there. Karl would love the place. Have to take advantage the next time we visit with Marilyn in Perdido Key.


  2. You are living a great life! Even with a little rain in the sunshine state you find great things to explore. Keep enjoying your vacation time with your next set of visitors.


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