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Sue’s Birthday Celebration

On Wednesday, the in-laws last full day with us, we were able to celebrate Sue’s birthday together. We began the day with champagne and strawberries.

After our previous day in the sun, Sue and Leslie wanted to just relax at the house most of the day, talking, laughing and playing games. Since it was Sue’s day, that’s what we did.

Leslie and I went shopping for groceries for Sue’s birthday dinner. We made steaks and salmon on the grill. Yum!

After dinner, we headed to the beach for the sunset.

It was not a very picturesque sunset, but it was breezy and pleasant by the water.

It made us want to jump for joy!!

After returning home, it was time for dessert of cake and ice cream.

Then we ended the day with one last game together.

We are so grateful to spend the day celebrating Sue and being together. 

Such a sweet family time in Santa Rosa Beach. 

We are so grateful that Karl, Sue and Leslie made the drive down from Germantown, TN to join us. Thanks for coming!

After a day break, next up are our friends from church, Dee and Eddy. Can’t wait for more fun and fellowship!

5 thoughts on “Sue’s Birthday Celebration”

    1. Thank you. That’s sweet. I feel fantastic! Cut the carbs! No more bread and pasta. No more sugar. You can do it. Come visit and I’ll get you started by showing you how deliciously you can still eat.


  1. What a terrific way to celebrate Sue’s birthday!! All of my favorite things to do in a beautiful place with wonderful family. Happy Birthday Sue!!


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